Save Money On Your Heating Bills By Powerflushing

Powerflushing your heating system is an effective technique to keep your radiators working efficiently. The process involves water and cleaning chemicals being pumped through your heating system at a high pressure to restore circulation. Ultimately, Powerflushing flushes out any build-up and dirt, rust, sludge and scale deposits causing a blockage with your heating system.

Do Your Radiators Take A While To Heat Up? When They Heat Up Are They Cold In Places? Powerflushing Can Solve Both Of These Problems!

As the sludge builds up in your heating system, it settles at the bottom of radiators. This prevents the water from flowing to all panels, and results in cold spots on the radiators.

After a Powerflush heat will be able to circulate around each radiator. Your heating system will also benefit from future prevention of sludge and build up.

Alistair Thorpe Powerflush Service

A visit allows our plumbers to introduce the powerflush chemicals into the system. This loosens up the sludge and corrosion deposits, guaranteeing a successful powerflush. We are also able to carry out two key checks on this visit; all radiators are in good condition and there is a suitable location for the powerflush machine. We also offer power flushing throughout St Andrews.

Your Heating System Could Benefit From A Powerflush If:

  • The system is slow to warm up
  • Some radiators are completely cold
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • The radiator water is dirty and discoloured
  • Some radiators with pin hole perforations and leakage
  • The boiler is making ‘kettling’ noises
  • The pump is repeatedly failing

Benefits of powerflushing:

  • Cures flow and circulation problems
  • Restores system efficiency
  • Restores heat output to radiators
  • Cleans the whole system, including underfloor pipework
  • Removes aggressive water; treatment prevents further corrosion
  • Cures or prevents boiler noise