Legionella Testing Cupar & Fife

Due to recent changes in the HSE Guidance for Legionella control, it is now deemed necessary for Landlords to have a Legionella Risk Assessment carried out.

Alistair Thorpe Plumbers are able to provide a quick and efficient Landlord’s Legionella Risk Assessment, ensuring that both Landlord and Tenant are fully compliant with respect to Legionella Control.

Did you know?

Landlords have an obligation to be aware of the dangers and are required to have a legionella risk assessment of all hot and cold water systems. See the factsheet.

Legionella Risk Assessment

The process generally involves an external professional (such as Alistair Thorpe Plumbers) attending site, carrying out a visual inspection of all available pipework, cold water storage tanks, calorifiers/boilers/electric water heaters/other plant, all outlets (such as wash hand basins, sinks, WCs, showers, bidets, spray taps) to ensure compliance with the health and safety guidelines.

From this, an asset register is compiled, simple schematic drawing produced and recommendations made on bringing the system up to standards where applicable.
Risk assessment includes:

  • Management responsibilities, including the name of the competent person and a description of your system,
  • Any potential risk sources,
  • Any controls currently in place to control risks,
  • Monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures,
  • Records of the monitoring results, inspection and checks carried out,
  • A review date, if applicable.