Boiler Servicing in Cupar

Fast, efficient and reliable boiler servicing in Cupar from Alistair Thorpe, Cupars’ go-to Plumbing & Heating specialists

At Alistair Thorpe Plumbing & Heating, we offer quality boiler servicing in and around the Cupar area. Servicing your boiler is the best way to ensure you don’t have to shell out a fortune in repairs and fixes. Servicing your boiler is essential to ensure the smooth running and prevention of breakdowns and issues. This service can also ensure that your boiler is continuously meeting safety regulations.

All of our boiler inspections and servicing are carried out by Gas Safety Registered Engineers that are more than qualified and experienced enough to provide you the highest standard of boiler servicing.

Boiler Repairs

What’s involved in Boiler Servicing?

Our team of professionals are dedicated to making sure your boiler is safe and running as it should be, which is why Alistair Thorpe should be your first port of call for an annual boiler service. Annual servicing is important to keep on top of any potential issues that may arise.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority alongside safe products. When we carry out a boiler service in Cupar we;

  • Firstly, check your boiler is working safely and efficiently,
  • check the boiler for any signs of corrosion
  • check the boiler for any leaks
  • The casing of the boiler will be removed to check the functionality and components are working correctly
  • Gas pressure will be checked
  • a flue test will be carried out to make sure no unsafe emissions are being released
  • the boiler and various parts will be cleaned where required
  • the boiler casing will be reinstalled and properly sealed

Once the boiler is back up and running, we will test the boiler fully to make sure everything is then working as it should and sign off the servicing.

If you have any questions about organising your next boiler servicing in Cupar, feel free to call us on; 01334 652 945

Boiler Installations

Benefits of Boiler Servicing

There are many benefits to regularly servicing your boiler, here are some of the major benefits;

  • Increased efficiency (of up to 15% improvement on your energy bills)
  • Increased reliability of your boiler resulting in less breakdowns
  • Reduced chance of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Increased safety for your home
  • Extended boiler life-cycle – your boiler will last longer with regular servicing
  • Insurance cover – if you have boiler cover, regular servicing may help keep you covered should anything go wrong.

As well as these benefits, servicing your boiler on a regular basis can give you peace of mind in the running of your home.

Contact us for Boiler Servicing in Cupar

Contact our team of professionals at Alistair Thorpe Plumbing & Heating to find out how we can help you and your boiler servicing today on; 01334 652 945 or email; We also offer boiler servicing in and around St Andrews, Kirkcaldy, Newburgh, Glenrothes and Dundee.